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European Showrunner Think Tank IV

»Producing in the Showrunner Model«


Part of the »European Series Day« at Film Festival Cologne

The position of the showrunner is still fairly new in the Europe series industry, but the demand is growing. European productions slowly but surely open up to the showrunner model and start exploring options for implementing this new work structure.
This panel aims discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with producing series in the showrunner model. Three experienced professionals share their experiences with various types of the showrunner approach and discuss how this model benefits not only the quality of the show but also their work as producers.
This session is the fourth panel of the European Showrunner Think Tank, a series of industry events aimed at discussing, defining, and eventually establishing the showrunner position in Europe. It is part of the European Showrunner Programme.

Attendance is free and an accreditation for the Film Festival Cologne is not required. However, the number of seats it limited. Please register in due time and arrive early. A recording of this session will be available online shortly after the event.
To register for the European Series Day, during which this think tank discussion will take place, please click below.