Brain Controlled Lights by Christina Kinne
© Christina Kinne

1:1 CONCERTS / »Brain Controlled Lights«

Brain Computer Interfaces

I have been incredibly inspired by 1:1 Concerts‘ CONCERTS‘ artistic attention to detail – especially by the Le Corbusier-inspired framing of their performance space. Contemplating how I might be able to make this idea light up even more, I was overjoyed to find the most wonderful use for a technology that has fascinated me for a long time: Brain Computer Interfaces.

Using the Muse EEG Headband and an Arduino Microcontroller, I direct the signal flow of the listener’s brainwaves to a LED Strip that frames the performance space while illustrating as an additional light mix how the musical performance influences the listener’s emotions.
My heartfelt gratitude goes to 1:1 Concerts CONCERTS for this amazing inspiration, to my dear friend and super coder Kreolis for helping me translate my idea into computer language, and last not least to my dear friend and favorite violinist Valentina Cieslar for making the recording of our prototype such an unforgettably mesmerizing experience!


Visualization Video

© Christina »XaosPrincess« Kinne