Double Moms

Double Moms

Divorced with a kid. Swipe left.

In Istanbul, two single moms – one is a chronic romantic undergoing a messy divorce, and the other has an extremely adventurous sex life – must live together with their children. By influencing each other, they soon break free from their previous convictions.

After filing for divorce, Serap (35) moves in with her co-worker Rüya (40) until she finds a permanent place for herself and her son Tunç (12). Rüya, living with her daughter Zeynep (10) for seven years now, introduces Serap to a new world: online dating.
After a few days, they realize that they can overcome the challenges of being single parents if they live in solidarity, and so they decide to move in together. Serap is deeply surprised by Rüya’s extraordinary and far-reaching sexual adventures. For Serap, sex without love is worthless, but with Rüya’s encouragement she manages to get into online dating quickly. She finds polygamy challenging as she falls in love with everyone she dates. At the same time, she is disappointed when she is rejected. Rüya, on the other hand, never sees a date a second time if she suspects a serious commitment. Mert (30), her regular fuck-buddy and confidant, aims for a steady relationship with her, which Rüya strictly rejects.
Their kids, Zeynep and Tunç, are both annoyed with their mothers for not including them in the decision-making process about living together. Their own contentious relationship improves when they join forces and sing on the street to buy concert tickets and a PS5.
Serap feels exhausted from the controversial divorce. She struggles with the pain of ending the greatest love of her life. Serap’s family opposes this divorce, and to stop her, they suspend their financial support. As a result, Serap becomes even more committed to the divorce and bounces back and forth between extremes in her sexual life. She gets carried away and loses all control. She spends a lot of time on various dates, neglecting her son. Tunç has difficulties accepting that his mother can have a private life beyond him.
Rüya struggles at work because of her boss’s never-ending mansplaining and discrimination. After her worst day at work, Mert makes very insightful and supportive comments and encourages her to do what she feels like doing. She faces her own feelings for Mert and agrees to a committed but open relationship.
Serap manages to rent her own apartment after being promoted to a full-time position. She proposes to Rüya to continue living together in this new apartment. As a newly divorced single, Serap uses her last free week to spend her first holiday all by herself.
Despite the increasing conservatism that forces them to devote themselves only to their kids, these two mothers confront this conservatism as well as their own prejudices about each other. Serap discovers that her sexual boundaries are not so limited, while Rüya finds the love that she didn’t believe to exist.


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