Enjoy Your Stay

Enjoy Your Stay

»Hospitality at its finest. Or almost.«

A reckless young Brazilian lies her way into a job at a Cologne hotel, where she constantly gets in trouble with her rule-loving German boss. With the help of her lovable colleagues she manages time and again to avoid blowing her cover and getting deported to Brazil – where someone is waiting who wants her head.


Isadora never planned on working on the most traditional hotel in Cologne. Stuff just sort of … happened. Before here, she was in Spain, before that, in Portugal and, before that, in her home country, Brazil. But things got a bit complicated on the other side of the ocean. It’s a long story, but let’s just say it included a misplaced suitcase and one of the biggest criminal factions in the country wanting her head. So she fled.
After a month of traveling around, money ran low and her tourist visa was about to expire. So Isadora made the logical decision – to go to the country whose language she speaks and where jobs are not a problem as long as you have qualifications: Germany!
The thing is, she didn’t really have any qualifications. At first, Isadora tried to get a job the honest way, but eventually she went back to doing things her usual way – lying the sh*t out of people and disguising this with her charming personality.
And that’s how Isadora ends up becoming a »hospitality manager« at the Kölner Hof.
And this is pretty much Isadora’s new temporary heaven. Or it would be, if this wasn’t Germany – and if her manager Thorsten wasn’t the most German guy you could possibly meet.
Thorsten prizes competency, demands discipline, and lives for rules. They give his life meaning and his job excellence. The hotel is Thorsten’s most prized possession (even if it’s not really his), which he rules with utmost control. Think micromanagement at its finest. Which, you see, doesn’t really work for Isadora.
But she has to stay, at least until she has enough money to take off and go to the next, more exciting place. But the longer Isadora stays in the Kölner Hof, the more she starts to appreciate the other members of the staff. Concierge Stefan is the funniest with his impossibly rude remarks, bus driver Günter is just so cute with his love for bossa nova, chef Seher really cares about her as if she was her own child, bartender Mathias is just so sweet, and tourist guide Lea so easy to talk to. And cleaning lady Julieta? Well, her love and affection are pretty much unavoidable for everyone. Let’s just not talk about the creepy door man Kazymir for now.
For the first time, Isadora starts to feel that commitment might not be the worst thing in the world. Maybe she really does belong here.
But what if, one day, she will have actually earned enough money to be able to move on? What will she do? Well, nev­er mind. There’s no point in worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened yet. Just live in the moment. And, in the moment, there’s always some new guest with a ridiculous wish, or a big event happening at the Kölner Hof.
Week after week, Isadora tries to bend – or plainly break – Thorsten’s rules, sometimes even in order to keep up to his standards, and not get fired in the process. Because if she’s fired, there’s no visa; with no visa, there’s deportation; and with deportation, well, there’s no Isadora. Literally.


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