Give me That Becky

Give me That Becky

»You’re meant to have a face, not an opinion.«

Year ago topmodel Becky (now 54) accepted to be cloned so that people could have a mascot of hers in their neighbourhoods. NJow her younger versions are failing to fit the role they were given and become uncontollable. Becky agrees to school her clones in irder to protect her repuation. But the clones are struggling with an immense identity crisis, and so is Becky.


If you could buy a clone of your celebrity crush, would you want to? Most people can take solace in the fact that they are unique and one of a kind. But what if you can’t?
»Give Me That Becky« takes place 50 years from now and is set in future prosperous São Paulo, a single urban megacity with a futuristic mix of skyscrapers, sparkling high-rise towers for the rich, sprawling filthy slums for the poor, and smoggy lung-corroding pollution for all.
The story centers on Becky Martins (54), who used to be a successful top model. At the height of her career, 25 years before, Becky felt flattered when people desired to have a reproduction of her in their neighborhoods. Thus, she was more than pleased to sell her DNA to a clone factory that now distributes her 18 year-old clones to several housing areas. Becky was the first V.I.P. to be cloned – it was her place in history secured.
After years of success, Becky now faces the problem that she is growing old while younger versions of her are popping up. However, Becky is not the only one having an identity crisis. Eventually not every clone wants to be just a copy. What if one of them discovers the pleasure of eating and becomes fat?
For the hardworking Becky nothing is more important than projecting a polished image of herself. She is shocked when she realizes that the clones are capable of wrecking her image. Becky finds out what it means to no longer have the currency of beauty to pay her way.
I think most of us can identify with the fear of discovering we are no longer valued by the people we want to cherish us – by a sweetheart, by a child, by an employer or, in Becky’s case, by the whole world. The long journey we are all on is to find what we value in ourselves and to be able to live our lives without affirmation from others.
»Give Me That Becky« falls into the sci-fi category, and like all great sci-fi, it aims to explore the human condition through the effect scientific breakthroughs would have on character. Featuring a strong female lead, it subverts expectations by breaking with the tradition of depicting women as eye candy, and by a mature exploration of humanity.
Currently, there are two versions of “Give me that Becky” available: the original, which is set in a futuristic São Paulo, and a completed adaptation set in a futuristic version of the city of Los Angeles.