The Last Fix

The Last Fix

»All in a hard life’s work.«

Along with a team of fiercely determined social workers, workaholic Liz Conner strives to help drug addicts – no matter the cost.


No one needs to be told that drugs are bad. And no one needs to be reminded that addicts, and the people who love them, suffer. This show exists because of one word – hope. In the midst of chaos and the seemingly failed American dream, there is hope. And a team of addiction specialists is fighting for it.
Returning to her hometown after a 15-year absence, Liz Conner brings along her husband Mike and her daughter Rose. Her addiction-ridden family and the shocking overdose of her sister had kept her away all these years, but now, Liz convinces herself, it’s a new beginning. Determined to help others get through similar situations, she joins »Back Ahead«, an eclectic team of driven social workers: the intoxicatingly reckless Brody, the by-the-book Jonathan, the Christian millennial secretary Leah, and the team’s brilliant but scrappy leader, Martha. Each dealing with issues of their own, the »Back Ahead« team works hard to help addicts. They address new problems and cases every day, endlessly having to make tough decisions – for their clients and for themselves.
As Liz gradually discovers more truths about her sister’s death and her connection to Griffin, the town’s charming but ruthless top drug dealer, she falls into a rabbit hole. Between her casework and her growing obsession with the past, Liz is forced to make impossible life choices.

»The Last Fix« inhabits middle-America, the life of a small city, striving to find its purpose – where staying alive is a moral complexity. Underpaid social workers give their lives to their patients, drug dealing is both dangerous and gainful employment, doctors are both victims of and frontrunners for the pharmaceutical companies, court systems are convoluted, and rehab clinics serve as both court-mandated band-aids and as real vehicles for changing behavior. In short, it’s a mess.
In the strictest sense »The Last Fix« is a procedural show – with some horizontal arcs – about a social work center, but not like we’ve ever seen before. Based on real case work, the show enters the world of addiction in all its human complexity. Aiming to rise above the overplayed »good guy vs. bad guy« set-up, it touches upon universal themes of humanity: our wants, our obsessions, our addictions. These are the stories of people addicted to drugs and the people addicted to helping them.



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