Status: web series, series bible, 8 episode outlines


Fuck, this is hard.


Have you ever dreamed about your coming-out? Is your spouse sexually alienated by your garden gnomes? Are you aroused when you are teased? Do you want to fuck your car? Any problems in your sex life? – Then call Martha!
Martha is everything you’d expect from a traditional grandma: cookies, love, warmth. But she also has another side. She helps and counsels clients with various sexual problems. She has been doing that successfully for … well, a week. But by the time you fi nd out, it’s too late: she makes up for her lack of experience with unyielding stubbornness. Once you call her, there’s no turning back. This lady has no time for shenanigans, inhibitions, or ethical concerns. She challenges you with raw, boundary-breaking experiences to help you face your sexual fears. You should never expect her to act like a normal therapist. This highly effective, but little trained sex helper pushes people through their individual journeys of asexuality, lesbianism, kinks, fetishes, -philias, and acceptance. And she will guide you too!
Be ready for public masturbation! Be ready for mud fights! Be ready to take your problems to a whole other level! Shame cannot hold you back when you have lost your dignity! (Side effects include: total humiliation, estrangement from your loved ones, and therapy not working.) Martha is your grandma on a speedball, kicking you in a direction you may not want to go. But you will! MARTHA was developed during the first semester as a web series concept.