The Nature of All

The Nature of All

Status: Series bible, 9 episodes outlines


An urban garden gets mired by human greed.


Evrim, a prosecutor with a Turkish background, is called in to investigate the disappearance of Cecilia, the leader of an ecological artist community called »The gARTen«. Once an oasis for people dedicated to art, nature, and sustainability, the gARTen is now a crime scene where every resident is a potential suspect. Among them are Ahmed, a young talented Syrian refugee with a secret love for Cecilia, Carlos, an ambitious multidisciplinary artist, and Cecilia’s own loving husband, Mark. The initial suspicions disrupt the harmony within the gARTen as the residents begin to perceive each other as enemies.
The case evolves into a murder investigation after Cecilia’s body is found on the outskirts of town. Shortly thereafter, Evrim discovers that Cecilia was about to inherit the coveted land on which the gARTen sits. Her investigation expands beyond the community and leads her to Florian, a wealthy and powerful patron of the gARTen who has a special interest in the land. With the future of the land hanging in the balance, Evrim must fight the tide as economic forces begin to creep into both her investigation and the future of the gARTen itself.