Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Status: Concept, web series


Sex, Intimacy & Confessions


PILLOW TALK takes a realistic look at diverse modern relationships and the struggle for intimacy. Set in a single apartment building, with the focus never leaving the bed, we get an in-depth look at the residents’ most intimate, vulnerable, and candid moments. These people have a chance to examine their relationships. But only by opening up to each other and facing challenging truths can they overcome their differences.
Tom and Kathi struggle with the modern virility of a stay-at-home dad. His silliness takes its toll on their sex life. Julie and Michi can’t get enough of each other. But the different sense of tidyness in their new home drives the couple crazy. When Julie finds Michi’s secret weed plantation in his closet, she pulls out all the stops and goes on a relationship strike.
Aging hippies Heidi and Jürgen are desperate to bring adventure back into their lives and discover their vulnerabilities during a strange threesome. Meanwhile, the spiritually lost college student Lena tries to keep her passion alive in an emotionally draining long-distance relationship.
PILLOW TALK follows these characters in their daily fights for love, compassion, and self-fulfillment. The struggle for true intimacy is at the core of our web series, making it easily relatable to a wide audience and highly suitable for distribution on the most and least intimate channel of our time: social media.

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