Saving Sara

Saving Sara

»Are you your own worst enemy?«

»Saving Sara« is a serialized drama about an aspiring chef, who lost her way, but overcame her anorexia and is ready to fully focus on her goal of having a Michelin Star restaurant and touching her customers with her dishes. But what Sara does not realise is that she needs to learn to love herself first.


Sara, a 28 year old chef, longs to get back into the world of Michelin Star cuisine. She tries to focus on the good things in her present but she is battling with her past that at times
threatens to overwhelm her. She has fought hard to overcome her anorexia and is almost at her ideal weight – the weight where she promised herself she would get back into life and start pursuing not just her health but her dreams.
But just before she achieves that weight, she discovers her rival Tom White is making waves in the restaurant world. She breaks her own rule and pitches herself head long back into the world that almost broke her.
Sara celebrates being healthy for a year with her best friend from uni, Leila, with whom she is now tentatively reconciling. They had a falling out because Leila thought she knew what was best for Sara. Sara tells Leila that she has decided to go back into the restaurant business, as she feels stronger now. Leila is sceptical and makes Sara promise her that she will still attend her group therapy sessions. In their conversation it is hinted at the fact that Sara has been estranged from her mother and misses her father, who died three years ago. We also learn about Dave, an architect in his forties, and his son Jimmy (9), who were left by their wife and mother Karen. Leila and Dave have lost contact because he blames Leila for how she handled Sara’s illness. Sara’s and Leila’s meeting ends on a bad note. Sara receives an email that she has an interview at »Jamelie«, and Sara is hurt that Leila cannot just be happy for her.
Dave and Jimmy have trouble communicating. Jimmy’s escapism is playing and developing video games. Dave is struggling to adapt to his new life as a recently single father. Leila works at the »Brighton Herald Newspaper«, but she is bored with her job as a reporter only covering local news. Leila has aspirations to write feature articles.
Sara’s interview with the chef Pierre, in his late forties, does not go as well as she has hoped. She is too nervous and that is what you can taste in her food. Pierre is striving for a second star, so he cannot work with anything less than perfect. He says goodbye, but cannot remember her name. She says her name is Clare Childs, but then she corrects herself. Sara is distraught when she is outside the restaurant.
What Sara does not know is that Lauren, 30, a chef de partie, makes Pierre aware of the fact that the woman who came in for an interview must be Clare Childs, who writes the food blog »To wish upon a star«. Pierre’s eyes widen, he knows the blog well and loves it. Sara is asked to come back to the restaurant. Pierre makes it very clear that she needs to work extra hard to make up for lost time, otherwise she could just as easily lose her job again. He cannot offer her the position she wanted, but he can offer her a commis chef position.


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