Twilight Years

Twilight Years

Status: web series 7 x 30 minutes


Digging deeper for the truth, is she digging her own grave?


TWILIGHT YEARS follows Alma, a sharp retired journalist, whose physical constrictions force her to leave her independence behind and relocate to a retirement home. Soon, Alma realizes that something odd is going on in her residence, behind closed doors.
The mysterious and sudden death of Magda, a previous resident, raises Alma’s suspicions. She believes there was foul play and decides to dig deeper into the case, even if doing so means losing her mind along the way. Pushing against the resistance of the caregivers, who do not appreciate her rebellious attitude, Alma discovers the dark side of her bizarre surroundings and its residents.
Due to her physical impairment, Alma must team up with Dennis, a young criminal doing social service in the nursing home. The investigation becomes a welcomed distraction from Dennis’ daily routine. But, as the investigation moves forward, he starts doubting whether Alma’s conjectures are true or if her surroundings are slowly impairing her sanity.
As Dennis and Alma’s partnership breaks due to his doubts, the retired journalist has no choice but to continue alone on her quest for the truth. As she comes closer to solving the mystery behind Magda’s demise, Alma ruffles the wrong feathers and danger comes lurking her way.


Jorge Patiño
jl.patino88(at) | +49 177 6304180