Antonia Schäfer

Antonia Schäfer

BA Film | Director of Photography


DoP (a. o. CHARLY)



ANTONIA SCHÄFER born 1997 in Cologne | 2012 stay abroad in Great Britain | 2015 A-levels | internships in film equipment rental and at various film productions in the directing and camera department | 2017-2021 BA Film "Director of Photography" at ifs | camera & lighting assistant at various film productions

Further Projects


2019 | Feature Film | 20 min. | Short Film Competition "Fünf Seen Filmfestival"

2018 | Feature Film | 17 min.

2017 | Documentary Film | 2 min. | Charity Award dpV

Early on, I had a great fascination for teamwork in film. Ultimately, I was drawn to film by the wide range of possible stories that still needed to be told. During my studies at the ifs, I quickly realized that films are more than simple storytelling and pure entertainment. Films give hope, educate, point out grievances, distract and entertain. They connect, polarize and teach us emotions. Films are culture. People need culture and art, that's the quality of our life. That's why I became a cinematographer. Every project brings different challenges, I love that. Whether you shoot in nature, on the street, in homes, in the different countries of the world, in the sky or under the earth - everywhere you have to find the right images for the narrative. With every film a new world opens up, with every film new people enter your life, with every film you grow. I don't need a recreational balance from my work. There is nothing I would rather do.

Antonia Schäfer

Alumna & DoP

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