Christina Xaosprincess Kinne
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Christina »XaosPrincess« Kinne

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CHRISTINA »XaosPrincess« KINNE - Social VR Artist & Evangelist

After having worked as a film director and producer with a particular focus on innovative technologies, Christina "XaosPrincess" Kinne has found a new creative home in virtual reality, where she creates content using tools like Gravity Sketch or Tilt Brush, organizes and hosts multiuser gatherings, and evangelizes to the real world by enabling communication between users in real life and VR for educational events.
She holds an art school diploma in "Feature Film and Television Feature" from HFF Munich and a Master of Arts in "Digital Narratives" from IFS Cologne, for which she has brought a GPT-3 driven chatbot to life in social VR.
From July 2020 to January 2022 Christina Kinne worked for the social VR platform Tivoli Cloud VR as CMO and Events Manager and currently serves as a guest lecturer for virtual reality at the University of Applied Sciences Fresenius while preparing the public release of her MA thesis project QUANTUM BAR.

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