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Coffee and Colonialism
© Manjahi Njoroge

Coffee and Colonialism - A Bitter Taste

Multimedia exhibition at the ifs


kulturweit-tandem invites people from African countries and Germany to look at the history of colonialism from different perspectives and to engage with our postcolonial present.

Within this framework, the participants Manjahi Njoroge and Louise Adams will present the first results of their exchange and artistic research. Since December, they have been working on a multimedia exhibition at the ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln, which examines the colonial history of coffee in Kenya. Addressing the consequences of colonialism, the project “Coffee and Colonialism - A Bitter Taste” also aims to convey a deeper understanding of the work involved in coffee production and appeals to our social responsibility.

Manjahi Njoroge is a multi-hyphenate photographer & digital artist from Kenya. In the last 13 years, his work has traversed through different spaces and subjects, from nature and wildlife to urban life and Afrofuturism. He continues to use these mediums as a visual extension, a vehicle to express his views of different environments and subjects that he interacts with. He also uses art as a tool for self-reflection and discovery. Manjahi is currently involved in the MA Digital Narratives programme at ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln.

Louise Adams is a multimedia artist with a background in media and cultural studies. Her work and research interests include postcolonial and gender studies, cultural and commemorative practices as well as film and visual culture. She currently works as associate for international affairs at ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln and is the project manager and research member of the Erasmus funded project “future.film.education - Online Teaching & Diversity in European Film Schools”.