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Watch now! European Think Thank II & III

The recordings of two panels about showrunning in Europe are available now

Watch now! At the second European Showrunner Think Tank this year, we had the pleasure of welcoming Chris Chibnall (»Broadchurch«, »Doctor Who«, UK) as our guest on May 31. He granted insights into his individual approach to showrunning and the current situation for showrunners in Europe with a focus on the UK market. The online panel was moderated by Marike Muselaers (Lumière Benelux Group, Belgium).

You can watch the recording of this session on Vimeo (here).


The third European Showrunner Think Tank session took place on June 15 at Seriencamp Conference in Cologne and was dedicated to directing in the Showrunner Model.
The renowned European directors and producers Kaat Beels (»Tabula Rasa«, »The Clan«, »Hotel Beau Séjour«, Belgium), Nathalie Basteyns (»The Clan«, »Hotel Beau Séjour«, Belgium), Annetta Laufer (»Get Millie Black«, »Doctor Who«, UK), and Lutz Heineking, jr. (»Andere Eltern«, »Drinnen«, »Wir sind die Meyers«, Germany) discussed the differences between the directing position in the showrunner model and their traditional role as directors. The discussion, moderated by Adrian Spring (»Nr. 47«, »Neumatt«, »All You Need«, Switzerland), focused both on aspects that are working well in current forms of the showrunner model – and on areas which, from the director's point of view, still call for improvement in the European context.

You can watch the recording of this session on Vimeo (here).