The Capitalists

The Capitalists

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»Everybody wants to be on top.«


Franzi is an idealistic assistant at the energy conglomerate Oorja Group. She is a true believer in the company’s »capitalism-with-a-conscience« approach (as marketed by Alex, Oorja’s charismatic CEO). When nasty corporate politics unfairly bring down her mentor and jeopardize her long-awaited promotion, Franzi convinces the high-end  prostitute Celine to help her find and get rid of Oorja’s »bad apples.« By assisting Franzi, Celine also follows  her own agenda: to get closer to Sebastian (Oorja’s CFO), aiming to become his mistress and thus securing her expensive lifestyle.
Although Franzi and Celine are polar opposites, this odd couple proves to be an effective team, and (to their  surprise) the two women gradually forge a deep friendship. But as Franzi and Celine discover that greed and corruption run much deeper within the Oorja Group, the differences between them resurface, testing their partnership to the limit.
Throughout the series, »The Capitalists« explores aspects of capitalism, asking questions like »What is the value of human connection in a world where image is everything?«, »Is it possible for a profit-driven mega-corporation to use its power for good?«, »Where do you draw the line when using the wrong means for the right ends?«
Our characters constantly face these questions, reconsider their goals, make their choices – and pay the costs. And sometimes those costs turn out to be higher than what they’re willing to pay … But, hey, that’s capitalism for you!


Marina Cardozo