Still »Charly«
© Antonia Schäfer


Charly's name is actually Charlotte.

Charlotte lives only according to the expectations of others and flees from any confrontation. She flees from an impending breakup and gets off in the middle of the highway. He drives on - without her. Thus begins Charly's unwanted journey, on which she stumbles from one encounter to the next. On her way back to her fiancé Robert and the search for a charging cable to reach him, Charlotte encounters a wide variety of characters who increasingly push her to her limits. A confused man in the woods looking for his missing child - or a truck driver who worships a pin-up girl. They are all determined by grand-delusions, but they help Charlotte on her way back to herself.


awards & Festivals

  • Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin 2022
  • Sehsüchte 2022
  • 55. Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2021, Deutschland (ausgezeichnet mit dem HOFER GOLDPREIS)
  • Evolution Mallorca International Filmfestival (Preis als Bester Debütfilm)
  • Biberacher Festspiele 2022



Lisa Marie Stojčev
Frederik F. Günther
Sam Gerst
Michael Ihnow
Veronika Nowag-Jones
Ulrich Cyran
Rolf Bach
Florian Kroop
Christian Bergmann
Amelie Schade
Susanne Kermer
Mirko Lang

Still »Charly«
© Antonia Schäfer
Still »Charly«
© Antonia Schäfer
Still »Charly«
© Antonia Schäfer
Still »Charly«
© Antonia Schäfer

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