»Forget everything you know.«

After a family crisis Brigitte Bonnet must find the truth about her mother who disappeared during the dictatorship in 1973.


In Chile of 1973 a coup and a dictatorship murdered thousands of civilians. That is why Gerda, a government employee is forced to escape the country leaving her daughter behind and her husband Bernard incarcerated by the military. Gerda crosses the Andes Mountains and reaches Argentina, where she disappears.
44 years later in Chile, Brigitte Bonnet, Gerda’s daughter, is a brilliant but mistrustful research doctor who finds herself at the midst of a nasty divorce that changes her life: she’s forced to leave her mansion, her mental state is tampering with her performance at work, and she is now the head of a dysfunctional family. After her father Bernard Bonnet (74) is rushed to the hospital due to kidney failure, Brigitte is required to take the hardest mission of all: to fulfill her father’s wish to be buried with his disappeared wife Gerda, whom Brigitte never saw again after September 12, 1973. Now, pressured by her father’s delicate state, Brigitte liberates an exhaustive investigation in order to find out what truly happened to her mother the day she disappeared.
But the investigation unleashes the deep pains the dictatorship left on Brigitte’s soul. And these scars come to be a problem when her already estranged 20-year-old daughter Victoria comes back to live with her for the first time in two years.
Victoria is a capricious, self-absorbed struggling writer who comes back after failing to pursue her career in Buenos Aires. Now willing to become a responsible adult, a writer, she hopes to gain her mother’s respect. Discovering the secret of Gerda’s past, Victoria and Brigitte will learn how to connect with each other.
»Layers« is the story of a family finding their ground at chang­ing times, where past ghosts are awakened, old wounds are opened, testing the strength of their bonds.


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