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Hey SIRI, let’s talk about sex. – I’m afraid I can’t answer that.


Gaizka, city of the future, was built to save humanity from extinction due to overpopulation. Everything works with renewable energy, green agriculture, and a just social structure. If this sounds too good to be true, you’re right. This is actually a city that controls sexual reproduction, social status, and even emotions.
Sihta has just turned 20, now she is one of the young adults with a bright future in this modern technological landscape. Every citizen lives in pod-like houses and has a personal A.I. Sihta’s is Bob, who is different from the other A.I.s, having his own personality. She starts working in the biomedical engineering department of N.O.S.E.X. This department oversees the drugs that are secretly administered to everyone, so that they feel only a minimal amount of emotion and pleasure, thus giving the government total control over their people. Max, the head of this department, is determined to implement a permanent version of this drug so that the suppression would be irreversible.
Now aware of the control, Sihta is guided through an emotional and physical journey with Bob’s help, learning simple aspects of pleasures. She will put them into practice after discovering a secret underground world. There, resources are scarce, but people are free. They will follow Sihta to revolution and fight for freedom of choice. As the revolution takes place and things spiral out of control, Sihta wonders if their own freedom is worth it if it means the end of humanity.


Peter Neugebauer
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