Was ewig währt
© Pierre Pasler

What lasts forever

V is a vampire girl about 100 years old who seems to have resigned herself to her meaningless and endless existence. One night she meets Nora, who has just lost her best friend and wants to say goodbye alone at her grave and initiate a last joint ritual. V cannot comprehend Nora's extreme grief, but she tries to engage with her while suppressing her bloodthirsty urges. Finally, she is confronted with her own human past and rediscovers something in herself that she thought she had lost long ago.



Director / Script

Claudia Reinhard


Linda Kruse


Pierre Pasler


Nina Hellstern

Sound Design

Stefan Fendrich

Production Design

Gina Gasparini

Costume Design

Sandra Balkmann


Sarah Liu
Jennifer Breitrück

Was ewig währt
© Pierre Pasler
Was ewig währt
© Pierre Pasler
Was ewig währt
© Pierre Pasler