Still Reißverschluss Kurfilm ifs
© Benedikt Horst Pawils


The already tense atmosphere in the waiting room of a divorce lawyer comes to a head for two almost-divorcées after a minor accident.

While visiting the toilet, the soon-to-be ex-wife angrily damages the zipper of her pants. Driven by her full bladder, she desperately seeks help from her still-husband. His attempt to help her only makes things worse....

Festivals & Awards

  • Online Showcase „Lift-Off Sessions“, Sektion „First-Time Filmmaker Sessions“, 2022
  • Early Bird Student Film Festival in Sofia, Bulgarien, 2022
  • Capri Hollywood Film Festival 2023
  • WDR Kurzfilmnacht »kurz und gut« 2023
  • FEST – New Directors | New Films in Espinho, Portugal 2023
  • Filmschauplätze NRW Open-Air, Heimbach 2023


Anna Schumacher
Martin Butzke

© Ben Pawils
© Ben Pawils
© Ben Pawils