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We educate the media professionals of tomorrow and participate in shaping the future of audiovisual media - through high-quality and practice-oriented study programs and professional training.

»Shaping Society by Shaping our Stories«

05.12.: Online Discussion & Book Presentation

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»Shaping Society by Shaping our Stories«
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»ifs-Begegnung« Edimotion

mit »Außer Atem« am 13.12.

Still »Außer Atem«
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MA Digital Narratives

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ifs-Film mit Hofer Goldpreis ausgezeichnet

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Hofer Goldpreis für »Dann lieber sterben«
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Moving Pictures.

We are moved by audiovisual media in all its facets - from cinema, TV, series and entertainment formats to virtual worlds. For us, creative innovation, artistic ambition, and audience success go hand in hand.

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Moving People.

Our goal is to move people. We accompany our students and professional training participants in their personal and professional development. And our graduates move the audience with exciting and touching audiovisual content that opens up new perspectives and broadens horizons.

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Moving You.

It would be a pleasure for us to also accompany you on your individual path - as part of your studies, a professional training program, or as a member of our team. Become part of the ifs community!


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